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In order to build and shape a career, one need's to 'Rise' by driving a positive change. At RRA we believe in driving this change for you. We provide you the platform to 'grow' as well as 'know'. We support you to grow and make you better at what you are; as well as help you 'know' yourself as a professional. We firmly believe in addressing the career aspirations of our associates and have aligned various HR processes to facilitate optimum career progression. RRA follows a robust 'Job Family Framework' that comprises of jobs from various business verticals. Idealistic career paths have been defined for each job family across levels; however, an associate is given ample opportunities to move across certain job families based on his/her capability and organizational requirements. The organization also encourages career development by investing in higher education programs, leadership development programs, etc.

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RRA recruitment is driven mainly by passion and demostrated abilities of the interviewee. We have created a schema less database driven by the concepts of mematics, and an application development platform around the same. This puts us on the starting point of BI and roadmap of AI.We pride ourselves on being a product oriented company which solves tough technical problems so that all other developers don't have to waste time thinking of things like data joins, foreign key relationships, caching, frequent changing of specs, data inconsistencies, and the like, instead of focussing on what they are good at - Their coding, domain knowledge and enjoying life.

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